My long weekend

On Wednesday I went to the athletics carnival I competed in the 800, 100, long jump, 1500 and relay.  I came first in the 800 by about 50 meters my time was 2.52 (2 minutes and 52 seconds) a personal best!, I came first in the 100 by 1 tenth of a second (0.1) my time was 15.00 (15 seconds) a personal best! I also came second in the long jump my length was 3. 34 ( 3 meters and 34 centimetres.) That was a personal best to! Then I competed in the 1500! I came fourth out of 16! and it was the first time I did the 1500. Then I did the relay, Brayden got us of to a good start he got us to 5th place, then Jye brought us up to 4th, then Dale brought us up to 3rd place and I just got in 3rd place I almost got us into 2nd place. Then we got our awards I was the only on in Emmaus that got anything. I got the under 10 aged award (I was the best under 10 boy out of 12 schools!)

On the long weekend my great grandma passed away it was very sad I wasn’t that close to her but it was still sad. I also went to my friend Ashtons house he showed me how to put severs on minecraft. We also went out side and played minecraft. This is all that I had on the long weekend.

Favourite places in Adelaide

My favourite places in Adelaide are the museum and Adelaide oval.

The Museum is my favourite place because I like all of the under water stuff and the mummies. I also like the stuff from Antarctica. My favourite place in the museum is the giant squid and the animals that have a computer where you can look the animals up.

My other favourite place is the newly built Adelaide oval. I like it because it is home to PORT POWER! and Adelaide crows. I also like it because you get a great view and it’s close to the Dunstan playhouse. So you can also watch plays or movies before the footy or cricket starts. (if you have booked of course!)

Those are my favourite places in Adelaide.

The bike park and Horrible Historys.

At 10:00 Monday on the 21st of April My family, Cousin Jacky, aunty Sarah, Uncle Greg and I went to the bike park and rode around on the path. There were lots of signs and rounder bouts and some places where pedestrians walk. I stacked it about 2 times.



Then on Sunday 13th of April I went to horrible history’s awful Egyptians at Dunston play house. The first part was just about the museum and Ramazees the great! The  second part was about the under world and pyramids and pharoe’s tomds.  When it was the part where the mummy went to the under world it’s eye’s turned orangy-red and then it had to say the snakes name was seffases or some thing.

My EcoCraft and UpCyling Idea

My EcoCraft/UpCycling idea is Milk Light House

what you’ll need:

• empty milk/yoghurt cartons

• spray paint – I used matte white (or paint)

• glue and/or double-sided tape

• ruler • (colored) tracing paper

• pen/pencil

• scissors

• cutting knife

• (electric) tealight candle

Step 1 – prepare your cartons Rinse the cartons and let them dry. Close the opening with some glue or double-sided tape. I used a paperclip to secure during drying.

Spray paint your cartons, according to the instructions on the paint. Mostly a few thin layers work better than one thick one. Let the paint dry. I did this overnight to make sure it’s completely dry.

Step 2 – design your house

Draw windows on your house, wherever you like them. You can place them only on the front but also on the sides. I draw different kind of windows to create a little city. Cut the windows with a sharp cutting knife.

Make an opening at the back of your house, where you can insert your tea light. If you use regular candles, don’t forget to make an opening at the top of the carton, so the hot air can get out.

*** NOTE – be careful with regular candles! If your carton is too small or you don’t place your candle in the right way, the carton could burn. So I prefer electric candles.

Step 3 – decorate your windows

Cut the colored or white tracing paper in the size and shape of your windows. Stick some double-sided tape around the edges. Now you have to fiddle around a little to get the paper in the right place on the inside of the carton. With larger cartons a knitting needle can be useful to place and stick the paper.

Step 4 – light your house

The house is finished! Place your candle and wait until it get’s dark outside.

The Adress is:

Bloesem KIDS | DIY by La Fete | Milk Light House

Sports Day

On Friday 4th of april we had sports day. We had four teams Marin which i’m in, then Coolock,Mackillop and Mcauley. We started off by putting on sun cream and getting our hats and drink bottles. Then we went to do our cheers. Then we did our  health hussle. A health hussle is were you do exersices and dancing to the music. Then we started our activites first we had the four hundred meter run.

This is me about to race Nick, Brayden and Jye in the 4 hundred.

This is me about to race Nick, Brayden and Jye in the 4 hundred.


This is me and nick I come first because I got in front of nick then he came second.

This is me and nick I come first because I got in front of nick then he came second.


After the four hundred we did the tug of war. First it was Marin verses Coolock, Coolock won. Then it was Mackillop verses Mcauley. After a long tug of war Mcauley won. It was the Finals Coolock verses Mcauley and Marin verses Mackillop, Mackillop wins and so does Mcauley.


This is my team doing the tug of war.

This is my team doing the tug of war.


After that we did high jump. High jump was in the hall, if you touched the bar you were out. I didn’t touch the bar but the bar was WOBBLING from the PERSON THAT WAS BEFORE ME!!! I was so angry because I didn’t touch THE BAR!!! But Mrs McNab thought that I did!!


this is me clearing the bar by loads when I didn't touch it but Mrs Mcnab thought I did.

this is me clearing the bar by loads when I didn’t touch it but Mrs Mcnab thought I did.

After we did shot put, I came second or third in it . We used the 2 and a half instead of the 2 shot puts though.



Then we did Obsticale course it was so fun you had to jump on balls then parkour over a block then jump in to a sack and go under a bench then do that on the way back. My favourite bit was the parkouring over the block.

My first fleet convict


My first fleet convict is called Peter. Peter is called ‘prisoner 361’ on the Scarborough. Peter is 40 years old, he had scurvy Peter was born on the 28/6/1747. Peter was put behind bars for stealing a chicken! Peter’s life before he stole the chicken was absolutely awful! Peter lived in a little hut, Peter was so poor that he only had 5c! Peter stole the chicken to kill for food. But he got caught, and then he had to spend 8 months on the Scarborough. That life was just a tiny bit better! All Peter had to eat was porridge for breakfast and ships biscuit for lunch and more porridge for tea! Peter was but in bars with this 7 or 8 year old boy called Perseval? He doesn’t know what his name is. They would have their dinner at 9:00pm then they would have some cold water then go to sleep. So that how Peter came to be one of the 201 first fleet convicts on the Scarborough.



The ten commandments

1. I shall not hurt anyone.

2. I shall not swear or say the lords name when I don’t need to.

3. I shall not steal other peoples stuff.

4. I shall not wish for other peoples stuff.

5. I shall not lie.

6. I shall not judge other people.

7. I shall rest on the seventh day every week.

8. I shall look after my mum and dad.

9. I shall not use anybody else for my stuff.

10. I shall not use my possesions as my things that I like the most.

All about ME

Hi I’m patrick.

I have orange hair, blue eyes. I like cricket,soccer,football and minecraft. I like minecraft so much that every time I get the chance I go and play it on the xbox. Same with footy,soccer and cricket I like them all but not as much as minecraft.

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